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Glossary of Border Patrol Hiring Terms

About Terms Used In Border Patrol Hiring

The government loves to use its own terms and acronymns. Here are definitions for these confussing terms.

Definitions of Border Patrol Terms

The government term for a job posting. This announces that applications are being accepted for a job.
Border Patrol Agent
GS or GL
GS and GL refer to Office of Personnel Mangement General Schedule pay tables. GS is the standard pay scale and GL is the law enforcement officer (LEO) pay scale (which is higher than the GS pay scale).
A position a slot a person can fill to do a certain job. In the government you fill a position, which has a position description that defines the tasks the job entails.
Training Scheduling Unit -- Once you have cleared all pre-employment your file goes to the Training Scheduling Unit where it waits until your turn comes for a slot in the training academy.

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Border Patrol Jobs - Recruiters can answer your questions about the job
Recruiters can answer your questions about the job.