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Border Patrol Fitness Test and Requirements

Initial Fitenss Test

The Border Patrol fitness test is administered after you complete the medical exam. The test consists of three parts:

  • Push-Up Test
  • Sit-Up Test
  • Step Test

Border Patrol Push-Up Test

To pass the Push-Up Test you have to complete 20 push ups in proper form within 1 minute. Proper form includes keeping your body straight and your feet close together. You will have to drop down to 4" above the ground (touching a foam block) and then back up. Any pushups that are not in proper form will not be counted. A pushup is not counted if you have improper body position such as a sloped back or raised buttocks, if you spread your feet apart or if you only do a half push-up where you don't touch the foam block or where you do not come all the way up. Touching your knees to the mat will disqualify you and end the test.

Border Patrol Sit-Up Test

After a 3 minute rest period you'll perform the situp test. You'll have to perform 25 sit-ups in proper form within 1 minute. Proper form includes starting with you back flat on the ground, your knees at a 90° angle, and with each rep you must have your elbows break the plane of your thighs or touch your elbows to your knees. If you rest at all, be sure to do so in the up position. Any staying down for longer than three seconds will disqulify you and end the test.

Border Patrol Step Test

The step test requires you to "e;march" up and down a 14" step for five minutes. You perform each step to a cadence tape to ensure you do the right number of steps at the required pace. You start with both feet on the ground, step up with your right foot, then your left, then down with your right, and then down with your left. You are allowed to swtich your lead foot, but be careful this doesn't disrupt your cadence. You fail the test if you can't complete the full five minutes, you can't keep cadence (defined as missing more than two consecutive up, up, down, down sequences), use your arms to push your legs, or if you miss six or more cadences during the entire test,

Fitness At The Border Patrol Academy

Throughout your time at the Border Patrol Academy you will perform fitness training. The pre-employment fitness test only helps to ensure that you have minimum physical ability. You should continue to exercise and prepare for the pre-academy fitness test and the rigorus workouts and tests you'll perform at the academy. Your best plan is to train to be able to pass the final fitness test on day one. The 220 yard dash in 46 seconds requires the ability to sprint, the 1.5 mile run in less than 13 minutes requires that you be in great cardio vascular shape. And the confidnece course requires that you be "whole-body" fit.

Using P90X Workout to Prepare

Physical fitness isn't just required to get the Border Patrol Agent job. You need to be in great shape every day you go to work. Your safety and the safety of your fellow agents depends on you being able to meet the tough physical demands of the job. The P90X Workout system will help get you in the "whole-body" level of fitness. You can learn more about the P90X Workout System on or on the P90X website.

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